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Summer Hair Really Does Care

Summer Hair Really Does Care

After the summer has ended, the pools with all their chlorine are dried up, the humidity has subsided, and the sun isn't so relentless about beating down on my needs some R&R. It feels like a haystack on a good day. My ends are dry, brittle, and honestly a tone of green I have never seen. So what's the first thing to do? Get a trim. No, I'm not talking about having your lovely locks chopped off. I just mean a healthy trim and leave those dry brittle pieces on the floor. Don't look back. It's true, hair does grow back and the most important matter at hand is what's left on your head and how amazing it's going to look in a couple of months. Hair grows an average of a half an inch a month. Give or take. Next step, a treatment to pull all those lovely green tones the chlorine has left behind out of the hair. Malibu treatments are specifically designed for all the wear and tear your hair has just endured during those summer months. Finally followed with a great shampooing and conditioning masque you should be well on your way to a glorious head full of hair in no time!

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